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2021-07-30 12:46:00

Rail transit  is the locomotive for sustainable development of the world economy. As the city’s main artery, rail transit is the best way to solve the urban congestion; comparing with the other transportation method, rail transit could carry more passengers and loads efficiently. It is a kind of mature, high-efficient and future-oriented transportation means. Until the end of 2018, 493 cities of 72 nations have urban rail transit system and the total operation mileage reaches 26,100km; the trunk railway transportation spreads all over 160 nations around the world and the total operation mileage reaches 1.2 million km; in Europe and Asia, the total operation mileage for high speed railway reaches 50,000km.The rail transit employees have been nearly ten million and whom mostly locate in WorldSkills Member counties. Rail transit industry has promising career prospects. Countries in Africa are the swift development areas for rail transit and they would have stronger demand of rail transit skilled talents. The employment prospect of the industry is bright. African countries are also regions with rapid development of rail transit, so the demand for skilled talents engaged inrail transit will be more vigorous. Therefore, attracting high skilled talents is the biggest challenge and opportunity for the rail transit industry. Through regional and international competition, young people will be inspired and determined to start their own business in the rail transit industry.

Rail vehicle is the core part of rail transit. All infrastructure construction and maintenance of rail transit serve the most important goal of safe and stable operation of vehicle. Therefore, the technical personnel of rail vehicle play the most important role in the rail transit industry. The technician should be equipped with different skills, propose appropriate solutions towards the faults during vehicle operation, ensure continuous running, and strictly follow technical standards and procedures to carry out vehicle maintenance, so as to ensure the safe operation of vehicle and the punctual delivery of goods and personnel. Meanwhile, the technician is asked to apply new technologies and methods in their work, solve more complex diagnostic tasks, and treat with the latest and most advanced vehicles. As the improvement in skills, the industry will provide the technician with more promotion opportunities, and these young people will have a broader life in the future.

Rail Vehicle Technology Skill follows the international standards and specifications, and the on-site maintenance is carried out according to the standards. It is a team skill competition with two competitors in each team. It mainly tests the core skills in rail vehicle and its key components’ fault finding, disassembly, change, commissioning and repair for the young people engaged in this occupation. The Test Project involves: the Maintenance and Control of Pantograph, the Installation and Commissioning of Passenger Compartment Door, the Maintenance of Vehicle Bogie, and the Fault Finding and Repair of vehicle.

As the first rail transit skill introduced into WorldSkills Competition, Rail Vehicle Technology Skill will show the new attitude of the rail transit industry, and convey the infinite possibilities and good career prospects of rail transit industry to the public and young people all over the world. In the process of rail transit promoting global economic development, a large number of young people will pursue career in this occupation, which will enable the rail transit industry and the world economy to achieve scale development, and at the same time show the world: the Excellent Power of Skills to Change the World!

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