The core assessed skills of Rail Vehicle Technology comprehensively reflect the professional ability requirements of rail transit industry for high-skilled personnel of vehicle technology specialty. The team is composed of two competitors who carry out mechanical maintenance and electrical maintenance respectively.

The Test Project covers the inspection and maintenance of rail vehicle components, installation of control circuit, maintenance of control pneumatic circuit and function commissioning, etc. The competitors need to complete the maintenance of vehicle door system, bogie system, pantograph system, electrical auxiliary system and other vehicle subsystems as well as the overall commissioning of the vehicle. It tests the competitors’ operation skills in safety operation, standard inspection, fault finding, maintenance and repair, diagram reading, installation and equipment commissioning, and so on.

News and Notices
2021-07-29 Rail Vehicle Technology Training and Competition Website User Guide.Please click here to view.
2021-08-11 Jiean Hi-tech launched the Online Training and Competition Platform, marking a new stage of the competition preparation.